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About   Rev. Dr. A. Hasani Perry

Dr. A. Hasani Perry, Life Facilitator 

Along with decades of service to First Woman’s Church as Pastor and Sr. Minister, Rev. Hasani has many years of experience working professionally and as a volunteer in education and training, social work, counseling, and other therapeutic areas creating positive growth for individuals, families, and groups. A retired educator, she continues to conduct a summer course “A Winner You,” for pre-medical students from various colleges and Universities at UCLA Medical School.  She has lectured and presented workshops for local and national organizations, and Creative Life Consultants, a human development service established with her family to “Transform Self and Society” (TSS).  All her efforts are geared toward helping others while helping  herself across cultures, religions, and generations, to live purposeful, healthy, authentic lives, while knowing they are “Strong, Loving & Capable.” As a writer, dramatist, and storyteller, she uses creative communication techniques to facilitate deeper spiritual insights into self, others, and the issues of life.


Celebrating the Winter Solstice                   

Birth Of  The Sun (BOS) was written by Dr. A. Hasani Perry as a children’s play, designed to help minimize the debate about whether to celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa.  Kwanzaa is an African American holiday created by African American studies professor Dr. Ron Karenga.  It was never intended to be celebrated as part of the Christmas season.  It was developed for the purpose of lifting Black people from the trance of holiday spending, creating cultural understanding and new spending habits. However, it includes a celebration of light, with the lighting of the Kinara (candle holder) for 7 days. Candles, representing 7 essential life principles, are lit from December 26th through January 1st.  Recognizing that adults were speaking and acting with a misunderstanding of both holidays, the intent of the drama was to show that both celebrations occur during the same season, the winter solstice when light is increasing on the earth.

  Always interactive, the drama, written in 1972, continued to grow in scope as the author expanded her research about the various seasonal observances and their connection with “Light.” BOS received a special commendation from the Mayor of Los Angeles, Thomas Bradley, shortly before he left office in 1993. It was recognized as having “enriched the lives of residents of the Los Angeles area by exposing them to the beauty of religious and cultural diversity and how we can live together.”  Whether  Hannukah , Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, all are observed during the same high season. The drama continues to serve as a healing tool for people of various religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. It also serves as a reminder that all people are “lights” and can let their light shine, thereby increasing light, love, and peace in the world.



About the Founder - Rev. Dr. Crystal Clarity Bujol

The Second Twenty-Eight Years



Rev. Crystal Bujol to

Rev. Doctor Crystal Bujol

The Last Requirement Met


Faculty 2000 - 2001

InnerCircle University: School of Spiritual Sciences


Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol, today’s graduate, has been working on this degree of Doctor of Spiritual Sciences since 1972.  She has identified the members of her Lifetime Faculty, the last requirement for this graduation ceremony.  In order of appearance in her life, they are the primary teachers who helped her know herself through the study of the Science of Mind, Graduate Christian Spiritual Sciences, Psychotherapy, Mind-Body-Spirit connections and Music — the love of her soul:


Family First:

Rev. Dr. Ruth E. Bujol, her Mother  - 1st first metaphysical teacher

Leslie Joseph Bujol, Sr., her Father, was the wings beneath her wings.

Joy Renee’ Thompson Sanchez is her first born who captured her spirit.  (Crystal was "Clara" and was 16 when Joy was born.)  From Joy, Crystal learned compassion, patience, religious structure, and the spiritual asanas that nurture healing and let mothers and daughters hold hands when they are adults.

Carl Joel Thompson is her oldest son who captured her soul.  (Crystal was "Clara" and was 17 when he was born.)  Carl has always been ready with emergency plans for life’s exigencies, and has been a major loving financial supporter of her ministries.

Jeryl Stuart Thompson is her youngest son who captured her heart.  (Crystal was "Clara," and was 19 when he was born.) He was her first drum teacher, keeping alive his shared zest for living, a zeal for staying young, and a fired imagination.

Leslie Allen Hampton is her first grandson who captured her essence and is her most important reason to leave a legacy.


Extended Family of Pioneers:

Booker Thomas,  Founder of College of Data Processing, 1960, South Central L.A. — He gave here the formula for “How to start your own college to teach your own people, by people who look like them, for an Aquarian Age profession!”

Dr. Dan Morgan, Founder of Guidance Church of Religious Science, her metaphysical “Rosetta Stone,” giving her the keys to unlock the secrets of the ages and her mother’s metaphysical teachings.

Rev. Dr. Juanita Dunn, Religious Science, trained Crystal in the art of presenting healing workshops, and taught her how to make Spiritual Mind Treatment an art form.

Dr. Beverly Coleman, Founder of  Naches (New Age Community Health Education and Services, 1965) Brought to Crystal and out of Crystal the wisdom and understanding of health, Safe Use of Herbs, and the Temple Beautiful, and compassion for the body.  Beverly is one of Crystal’s  “Dorm Sisters.”

Dr. Alfred Ligon, Founder of the Aquarian Spiritual Center and developer of the Black Gnostic Curriculum. He graduated Crystal from just saying, “Black is Beautiful,” to embodying these principles.

Rev. Dr. A. Hasani Perry,  Co-Founder of Creative Life Consultants (TSS {Transform Self and Society}). Because of the work she was doing, she understood Graduate Christianity immediately from the name.  She brought Crystal balance in metaphysical psychology and spiritually based Communications. 

Rev. Elaine Armour Word, Founder of Armour Special Education Tutorial Services and a pioneer in computer education for LACSD teachers.  She is the minister of the Bay Chapter Woman’s Church.  Because of the work she was doing, she added depth to Crystal’s work on Woman’s Spirituality.  She is also the creator of the doctoral hood Dr. Crystal is receiving today.

Nirankar Kaur Khalsa, Coach of New Mothers Certified Kudalini Yoga instructor, she connected Crystal to the Sikh Community and philosophy, and responsible for the adoption into the InnerCircle Institutions of  “Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I; Long Time Sun, Akal, Yoga.  She was creator of the original uniform for  Crystal’s 'seva' (selfless service).

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson, Founder of Rainbow Ministries: the church without walls and the family without boundaries. She brought to Crystal a template of how to develop her international ministry of compassion, all withholding the energy for Crystal’s greater and deeper ministry. She gave Crystal an expanded consciousness of purpose.  She is Crystal’s other “Dorm Sister,” and “The Other Rev.!”

Priestess, Gayle Scott, Director of the West Coast Enneagram Institute, photographer, and writer.  She deepened Crystal’s consciousness of Woman’s Spirituality.  She opened Crystal to the world of the, Enneagram, offering her unconditional support and sanctuary healing in her home of beauty.

Rev. Dr. Richard Byrd, Pastor of  KRST Unity Center of African Spirituality, Executive Director of LAM (Los Angeles Metropolitan Ministries) and Founder of “Say Yes to Life.”  Because of the work he was doing, he brought depth to Crystal’s awareness, understanding and embodiment of African Spirituality, giving Crystal her African name. Through this naming, he taught her that she is a weaver of humanity, that she has “the capacity to reweave a life, to set a boat on its the proper course.”  He gave Crystal, ‘a great deal of confidence in self and insight into self as the mother who had returned in the image of the mother, to provide living sustenance.”   He is Crystal’s guide into prison ministries and converted her ministry of community service to the power of community action based on the first kwanza Principle of Umoja: Unity.

Master Seung Hyung Lee, 7th Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do World Champion brought her from the white belt to the RED Belt in four years, beginning at the age of 62.

Grand Master Bobby “Teach” Parker 8th Black Belt, Wushu Kung Fu.  His names and titles, “Teach,” Master Lee, and "Sensai,"  taught Crystal to maintain the mind, spirit, body connection, adding to the depth of her balance, vitality, and flexibility on all planes. They have taught and shown her the power of breath and the magnificence of consistency.  Because of their watchful eye and intentional discipline, they raised the bar on the joy of reaching for a goal until it is accomplished — and having a trophy and a celebration with each victory.  They refined, tamed, and infused her spirit with the art of humility.  Though sometimes humility is hard to detect in the midst of her enthusiasm for life, it has become is the Tao of her life path.

Dr. Sylvia Lane, Doctor of transpersonal psychology, licensed Clinical Social Worker, and MFC Therapist.  The last faculty member to show up in Crystal’s life, serving as another “Rosetta Stone” giving another set of keys to unlock the wisdom of her mother’s teachings from the context of oppression, slavery, and misplacement in a Western Society to a knowing of being perfectly born free!  Her keys assist Crystal in sorting out the issues of yester-year to more clearly understand the space they currently occupy and convert them to golden stepping stones for today.  Her wise counsel helps Crystal flow into a more joyful discipline of balancing soul, spirit, and all the stuff that constantly tries to occupy her mind.  She has given Crystal practical guidance in the art of reweaving the fabric of humanity by returning if to it’s mother — Africa.


Then, finally, Crystal’s Lifetime faculty consists of those friends

 who have been in her life for over fifty years:

Edwina Bell Turner

Dr. Carol Wilson Williams

The Zadarians - High School Girl’s Club


With the identification of this Faculty

Rev. Dr. Crystal C. Bujol has completed her last required assignment to earn her degree of

Doctor of Spiritual Sciences.


It is now finished in beauty

​Congratulations Rev. Dr.



The First Woman's Church is a circle of women who come together in love to gain more in-depth insight into the soul of the Divine Woman within.
Akosua's journey to spirituality began in 2012  before her 65th birthday when she joined the KRST Unity Center of African Spirituality. Akosua’s life path opened when she joined the First Woman’s Church in the City of The Angels.  She joined The First Woman’s Church in 2017. She now serves as the Senior Minister.

Akosua is a native New Yorker. She was born and raised in Harlem.   Akosua completed her BA and MA at the California State University of Los Angeles. She is a retired teacher.  Akosua taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 30 years.

Akosua has traveled extensively in Africa where she visited Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Egypt, and Seychelles.  In 1981 she lived in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania, East Africa for one year teaching second grade at the International School of Tanganyika.         

Over the past twenty years, she has opened three Nourish LAB Smoothy's shops in Accra, Ghana. With assistance from her business partner, David Miles, they provide natural fruit smoothies, wraps, and salads to maximize health benefits that nourish your mind and body.

Akosua loves theater. She is an active supporter of Robey Theatre Company.  She spearheads the Friends of Robey group and serves as volunteer coordinator.

 Akosua volunteers at the African American Firefighter Museum and is on the board of the California African American Genealogical Society and The Community Writers Group of Los Angeles.