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The First Woman's Church

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innercircle university of spirituality

History and Philosophy of The InnerCircle University

History and Philosophy of The InnerCircle University

founded April 1980 by

Rev. Dr. Crystal Clarity Bujol

and Nathan L. Crawford, Jr.


ICU, an institution formed from a quest FOR and a love OF spirituality and education had its beginning on April 17, 1980 when Rev. Crystal Bujol, known then as Clara Leslie Bujol, a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner and  member of the International Board of Trustees for the United Church of Religious Science, was asked by Religious Science ministers to create a continuing education course based on the Science of Mind textbook. Encouraged by her then life partner, Nathan Crawford, she wrote and published her first major work, The Science of YOUR Mind, a self-discovery textbook and independent study curriculum. She self-published the material which became the foundation for studies at InnerCircle University.

With eight students enrolled, the first class started October 7, 1980.  Meetings were held upstairs at the Elegant Manor, 3115 W. Adams Boulevard, in L. A., California.  Soon five other students joined the Monday evening group expanding the size of this historic class to the magical number of thirteen.

In honor of the five students who completed the entire thirty-week course, the First Annual Graduation Banquet was held June 7, 1981 at the home of the co-founders.  Alma Sanshagrin, Mel Brown, Kujichagulia, XXX, XXX, and XXX.  As the years unfolded, ICU expanded its curriculum and faculty adding to its activities the Awards Ceremonies, Graduation Ceremonies for students who earn degrees of Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, and Master of Arts and Sciences; and the conferral of Honorary Doctorates in Divinity and the Humanities.

The ICU PHILOSOPHY is based on an acceptance of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE. The courses are designed to “draw out of” (educate) the individual to a greater degree of self-knowledge, self-love, self-trust and the certainty of ONENESS WITH THE MOST HIGH  by whatever name is used to describe “The God of one’s understanding.”  ICU’s intent is to focus the student on the INNER circle of self; graduating them beyond traditional Christianity from the philosophy about Jesus and other “Christos” (anointed ones) to the application of the philosophy of Jesus and other “enlightened ones” thereby honoring all religions, all teachers and all emanations of Goddess/God, by whatever name one uses to recognize the Divine.

ICU STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO: (1) design their own religion, (2) write their own Bible, (3) sign their name to it, and (4) practice what they preach.

ICU GRADUATES are required to recognize, articulate and document their REASON TO BE (Unction - Ministry - Purpose) as a legacy and gift to humanity.

ICU FACULTY are required to:

1.        Recognize and teach that “consciousness is reality.”

2.        Find ways to exalt the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine in the Divinity of God, Self, Students and all of Life

3.        Teach and demonstrate:

            A.        “We’re in Heaven, Right Now!”

            B.        African Spirituality

            C.        Woman’s Spirituality

            D.        Personalized Spirituality by promoting the principles of the Graduate Christian Black Eye Peas, and

            E.         The Oneness with all life.

4.        Teach Self Realization with love, creativity and the knowledge that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears ... the teacher becomes a student through one’s questioning.”


ICU is an Alternative Institution of Higher Learning for spiritual unfoldment, preparing the student for higher consciousness of personal development and/or the ministry of spiritualizing the material... and materializing the spiritual. 


We begin with the greeting: “Hello, My African Sisters.”          

The Science of YOUR Mind Can Be Ordered Here

Volume 1 - $65 plus shipping

Volume 2 - $75 plus shipping

Volume 3 - $95 plus shipping

All 3 - $200.00 plus shipping

Send check to: 

InnerCircle University Books

c/o 8 Vista Gardens Trail #102

Vero Beach, FL  32962

Allow 10 - 12  days for delivery.

A Path Through the Heart

Volume 1:  Chapters 1-10

A Path to Wholeness

Volume 2:  Chapters 11 - 20

a path of oneness

Volume 3:  Chapters 21 - 30

                                degrees conferred


Spiritual Sciences

Spiritual Psychology

 Divine Mistress

AA DegreeBachelors DegreeMasters DegreeDoctor of Spiritual Sciences  or Spiritual PsychologyMistress Degree    
(2 years)(2 years)(2 years)(2 years)(4 years)
A Reason to BeReason 101 - To begin your initiation, create or acquire something with at least three black eye peas that can be worn or looked at throughout your initiation to the degree of Mistress.  Reason 201 - To gain deeper insight into the music and poetry in the soul of the Divine Woman Within;Reason 301 - To gain deeper insight into the testimonies in the soul of the Divine Woman Within, Reason 401 - To gain deeper insight into the law and order in the soul of the Divine Woman Within,Reason 501: To serve with a deeper insight from The Divine Woman Within and gain a deeper understanding of the InnerCircle Institution's Reasons to Be:
 Reason 102 - For deeper insight into the soul of the Divine Woman in the written word:Reason 202 - Continue writing your Bible:  Reason 302 - Continue writing your Bible:  Reason 402 - Continue writing your Bible:Reason 502 -- Serve one year as Secretary or Treasurer to: The Board of Trustees for InnerCircle Church, or . . .
 Write your own Bible!  (1)  Write your Genesis and Chronicles (Family History), (2)  Design your religion:  Give it a name, (3)  Sign your name to it.(1)  Write your Proverbs and Psalms, (2) Update your Genesis and Chronicles, (3) Write your Lord's prayer, (4) Sign your name to it.(1)  Write your New Testament, (2) Update your Genesis, Chronicles, Psalms and Proverbs, (3) Write your hymn, (4) Sign your name to it.(1) Write your Revelations, (2) Update your Genesis, Chronicles, Proverbs, Psalms, and New Testament.Reason 502 -   OR for The Board of Regents for ICU or another Spiritual University,
 Reason 103 - African Spirituality or Woman=s Spirituality (as assigned)Reason 203 - African Spirituality or Woman=s Spirituality (as assigned) Reason 303 - African Spirituality or Woman=s Spirituality (as assigned)Reason 403 - To gain insight into the use and development of "bylaws: write your "bylaws" and sign your name to them.Reason 503 - The Advisory Council for a Woman's Church /Circle. 
 Reason 104 - To Gain Deeper insight into the story of ICU's Reason to Be - Study Graduate Christian Her/story (GC History I)Reason 204 - To Gain Deeper insight into the story of ICU's Reason to Be - Study Graduate Christian Her/story (GC History II)Reason 304 - To Gain Deeper insight into the story of ICU's Reason to Be - Document Graduate Christian Her/story (GC History III)(4)   Reason 404 - For deeper insight into the story of ICU's Reason to Be - Teach Graduate Christian Her/story (GC History IV) Reason 504 - Visually document Graduate Christian Her/story (GC History V) 



1982  Dr. Juanita Dunn

1983  Dr. Beverly Coleman

1984  Dr. A. Hasani Perry

1985  Dr. Hilda Spragin

1986  Dr. Elaine Armour

1987  Dr. Yolanda Thompson

1988 Dr. Crystal Bujol

1989  Dr. Ahman

1990 Dr. Dr. Patricia Pratt

1991 Dr. Bernice Ligon