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The First Woman's Church

And The InnerCircle Church of Graduate Christians

          InnerCircle Family Church Established in 1980 -- Woman's Church Established in 1986         

       Rev. Dr. Crystal Clarity Bujol, Founder      

​      Services begin at 8:30 A.M.      

    7819 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, California    323-559-5611  

As we remember that we all come from the same Mother,

we know we are all sisters. 

Hello My African Sister!

... Iyabo Yijidie Auset



The Ankh                                                       The Symbol of Life                                   Woman's Consciousness!

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           Rev. Dr. A. Hasani Perry


1st Woman's Church

Dean, School of Ministry

Professor, Science of YOUR Mind

        You Are Invited to our                          Sunday services                

Welcome to The First Woman's Church where women come together to gain deeper insight into the soul of the Divine Woman Within.  

A holy space where we honor the four phases of womanhood.  

A sacred space where we honor ourselves, as sisters, and all of our children.  

A spiritual space where we practice changing the formula of Mother's Milk to feed humanity with the highest consciousness of kindness, compassion, wisdom and understanding.   


Sunday Mornings at 8:30 A.M.

7819 South Western Avenue

(Enter from the Parking Lot)

Los Angeles, CA   90047
Phone:  323.559.5611
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Rituals of the Morning Service

  At 8:30 A.M.

We start with drumming ... and humming ... prayer and meditation. 

At 9:00 A.M.

Welcome the ancestors and  Tai Chi

At 9:30 A.M.

Candle Lighting Ritual

and Navajo Prayer Chant

At 10:00 A.M.

Music/ Presentation/ Discussion

 At 10:30 A.M.

We end with the affirmation:


“Strong Lady, Energize

Let Our Visions, Crystallize

Rev. Akosua Hobert

Senior Minister

1st Woman's Church

           Quote for the month


               I am linked with an endless golden stream of prosperity that comes to me under grace in perfect ways.   .... Florence Shinn



1st Woman's Church Ministerial Staff

       Rev. Megashia Jackson,                    Associate Minister

          Rev. Dr. Ayanna Davis                        Associate Minister

Rev. Erica Byrd Affiliate First Woman's Church Minister

Jessie Mae Chris(t) written by FWC Founder Rev. Dr. Crystal Clarity Bujol

Available on Amazon

                   NuRah Allah                                Goddess HerStorian

The Great Cosmic Mother

         The Color for October:                                    Brown


                 September theme:                             Spirituality              


Service and Program


Prayer Circle -Rev. Dr. Ayanna Davis


Gemstone Awakening - Rev. Akosua Hobert

Pastor Moment: What is the FWC? Rev. A. Hasani Perry


 Spirit Speaks to Sisters:

Guest Speaker: Rev.June Juliet Gatlin


"Conversations on Spirituality:

How Spiritual Practices Guide Our Daily Lives"

               Rev. Dr. Ayanna Davis



The Stone for October- Citrine



Citrine crystal meaning is based on the yellow hues in citrine color. Citrine meaning is all about personal will, free-thinking, and the realization of hopes and dreams. Yellow citrine stone meaning is connected to the comfort, warmth, and power given by the sunlight. The yellow quartz energizes, breathing new life into anyone who uses it for its citrine healing properties. Citrine meaning also has to do with new beginnings, new pursuits, and living a full life. Citrine crystals vibrate at a frequency that encourages creativity and facilitates the transformation of hope and dreams into reality.

True citrine meaning includes the efficient handling of negative energy. Citrine crystals absorb negative energies from the body and environment, in keeping with citrine meaning. However, this yellow quartz never has to be cleansed or cleared of the negative energy. There are only two crystals that never have to be cleansed and citrine is one of them. Citrine stones dissipate negative energy naturally by transmuting it and dispelling it safely into the ground.

Problems associated with negative energy can manifest in obvious, physical ways or in more subtle ways that are less easily detected. The healing properties of citrine help alleviate these problems, in keeping with citrine meaning.

Citrine stone benefits relationships of all types, in keeping with citrine meaning. The removal of negative feelings and reduction in negativity from everyone involved in the relationship promotes healthier interpersonal relationships. A renewed sense of understanding permeates the group, facilitating healthier perceptions and an improved ability to handle the perceptions of others, which supports citrine meaning.

Increased wealth and prosperity are included in citrine meaning. Citrine stones are also known as The Merchant's Stone for this very reason. Citrine power facilitates gaining wealth and retaining wealth. Citrine meaning includes abundance in general. Citrine power promotes generosity, too, encouraging the sharing of wealth and prosperity to enjoy a broader spectrum of citrine benefits, in keeping with citrine meaning. A true citrine gemstone placed in the wallet or purse can help bring money in and restrict excessive spending.

What Sisters are Saying

How exciting to discover you are on Zoom! This is Elissa Heyman in Santa Fe, NM, and I hope to join your service next Sunday. Rev. Crystal Bujol connected me to you all, and it's neat to know the magic goes on. .


Good morning Ladies - this is Jessica William- I just want to share that I have so extremely blessed today by you all sharing who you are! Reverend Hasani your testimony- especially that about leaving your job because of isms I felt was just for me! I wish you.

   Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol                    Founder  

First Woman's Church, 1986

InnerCircle Church of Graduate Christians, 1980 


1st Woman's Church

Changing the Formula of Mother's Milk

1st Woman's Church

Honoring the FIRST Woman

Some call Her Lucy

Some call Her Denk Nesh


At The 1st Woman's Church

in the City of the Angels


We call Her

""  The FIRST Woman ""




                   Special Sundays                              for Special People

You are welcome to invite your men-folk to the special family services on:

Anniversary Sunday which usually is last Sunday in February

Friends & Family Day (TBA),

and Christmas/Solstice


Gentle Woman,

Peaceful Dove,

Teach Us Wisdom,

Teach Us Love.

From Hail Mary Full of Grace by Carey Landry

Prayer Circle




Celebrating Love & Happiness in the month of Perfect Mate

Month of March

Rev. Megashia and Sanai

Rev. A. Hasani Perry

Presenter; NaNa Pair, Altar + Alternate Healing

NaNa Pair, and  daughter Lani Pope



Our Guest Speakers 2019

Sept. Dr. Ayanna Davis, School Administrator

September: 'Seeing and Lifting Our Children With Eyes of Spirituality'

Dr. Ayanna Davis, School Administrator

October: "Visions of Family Wellness " - Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

November; 'The Age of Singularity' Nu Rah Allah


Rev. Dr. A. Hasani Perry


Beth Miller and Rev. Dr. A. Hasani Perry

Birth of the Sun Presentation


Nirankar Khalsa




Rev Erica Byrd and Rev. Megashia Jackson



Dr. Ayanna speaking; Looking on Guest Speaker; Rhonda Kukendall-Jabari

Rev. Akosua in all green - surrounded by Rev. Erica, Rev. Crystal and Rev. A. Hasani

Rev. Akosua's Initiation

 Woman's Church  Anniversary 2017

The Way We Were

Herstoric Photo on the Left






Rev. Dr. Elaine Word served as minister of the Bay Chapter Woman's Church 1988.  Members from the Los Angeles Church, while staying at her home on the weekends we had services there, also conducted Enneagram classes and personal development workshops. Sunday Services were held at the Berkeley Unitarian Church.  Thank you Elaine for sharing your sanctuary for us to do our healing work up there!

                                 First Woman's Church Ministerial Graduation 1992 and Initiation

L-R 2nd row: Rev. Victoria Lee, Rev. Linda Hicks, Rev. Yvonne Stuckey, Rev. Betty Robinson, Rev. Covese Silken, Mother Mattie (1st row) Rev. Denise Cunningham-Reed, Dr. Crystal Bujol and Dr. A. Hasani Perry.


And we remember them with great love . . . 

Rev. Betty Robinson and Rev. Yvonne Stuckey


L-R) Dianne Modster, Tammy Williams, Rev. Margaret Tate, Joyce, Rev. Betty.  1st Row: Rev. Yvonne Stuckey, Rev. Covese Silken, Dr. Crystal Bujol, and Dr. Hasani Perry.  

One of the ways we were!     One of the Days we were -- together                                       with our beloved sisters!!

One of the ways we were!  One of the days we were -- together with our beloved sisters!!


Warming up our drums!


Rev. Yvonne

      R'Wanda Lewis


                                                  MEMORIES OF OPEN SUNDAYS WHEN MENFOLK COME TO VISIT

Jeryl Thompson and Son, Daniel 1985

Look closely at wall hanging. Photo taken when church

was held at Dr. Bujol's home.  Wall hanging of one of

the Egyptian Goddesses 


A piece of history in the Anniversary photo on the left.

Rozanne Thompson (daughter-in-law), Rev. Crystal, Jeryl Thompson, Armond Keys (Grand-nephew)

Jeryl Thompson, first member of the original Board of Directors, supporting his Mother, when the InnerCircle Church was officially welcomed by the State of California to join the list of State and Federally approved Religious Sanctuaries.  From his work, investments, and son-shine, the First Woman's Church came forth.  Thank you dear son.  All of your mothers appreciate you!